Top 10 Trending Sports Speakers January 8

Football fans will be glued to their TVs this month with the arrival of the NFL Playoffs. Here’s our list of the hottest trending NFL keynote speakers who earned their legacy on the gridiron.

Joe MontanaNFL Keynote Speakers: Given his multiple TV spots with Papa John’s and Time Warner Cable running this month, it appears Joe Cool is still as cool as the other side of the pillow. Sports Speaker Joe is among several 49er greats including Jerry Rice and Steve Young who have extended their professional careers after football with speaking engagements, celebrity endorsements and as sports broadcasters. Those 5 Super Bowl rings aren’t disappearing anytime soon, and this quarterback turned NFL keynote speaker has plenty of life lessons to share with your audience.

Brett Favrehire-brett-favre: Cheeseheads in Green Bay laid down their arms against the Packers former Super Bowl winning quarterback this winter when he returned to his steakhouse restaurant to deliver a keynote speech in support of Bart Starr’s charity for underprivileged youth. Brett is a family man whose classic Wrangler commercials became a staple in the later stages of his playing career. Now he has settled into his role as an NFL keynote speaker and pitch man, starring in TV commercials for Micro Touch and Copper Fit among other brands.

hire-emmitt-smithEmmitt Smith: Here’s a real catch-22; NFL Keynote Speaker Emmitt Smith would still be running for touchdowns right now were it not for the physical limitations and inevitable aging process of the human body. During the 1990’s, nobody could catch #22 on the field much less stop the air attack of Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin. He rushed into the record books as arguably the greatest running back of all time to this day. Emmitt now works as an analyst for ESPN while also running his own successful real estate enterprise. With the arrival of Demarco Murray there’s a new sheriff in Dallas, but this former Cowboy great is the perfect motivational sports speaker to really impress your audience.

Deion Sandershire-deion-sanders: The man’s whole career has been lights, camera, action. Now the NFL keynote speaker turned football analyst performs under the lights of a different nature as a football analyst for CBS Sports and the NFL Network. Deion’s dynamic personality was meant for the TV screen whether it be to play in the game, report on it or sell products as a celebrity spokesperson during commercial breaks. When you are looking for a NFL keynote speaker with the ability to energize an audience, look no further than our man Primetime.

Terry Bradshawhire-terry-bradshaw: As the story goes, Terry Bradshaw owes his now heralded football career in part to Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson after he gave up his starting QB spot. However the story begins we certainly now know how it ends with 4 Super Bowl rings, hosting duties on FOX NFL Sunday and countless film acting and TV commercial gigs. His positivity is contagious and his zest for life has only increased throughout the different stages of his career in entertainment. Terry is one of the most recognizable former NFL legends regularly on TV and a talented motivational sports speaker for hire.

Doug Flutie: NFL Keynote Speaker Doug Flutie, aka the guy responsible for throwing the greatest hail mary of all time, knows a thing or two about perseverance. It wasn’t just that game winning toss back at Boston College in the waning seconds of the game, but rather the way that he pursued his dreams of becoming an elite NFL quarterback even after no one gave him a chance to succeed that really showed what he was made of. His current position in the broadcast booth for NBC Sports has given him the opportunity to stay involved with the game he loves and polish his public speaking skills.

Barry Sanders: Boy, the Lions sure could’ve used a few carries from NFL keynote speaker Barry Sanders against the Cowboys last week! Today he helps to carry the weight of issues in his community as an active philanthropist and positive ambassador of the NFL. Barry is a prime example of a man who has used his gifts not just for the good of himself, but also to improve the lives of those around him. He recently appeared in ad campaign for Foot Locker and is available for personal appearances, meet and greets and keynote speeches as well.

Troy Aikman: Tony Romo still has some work to do to fill the shoes of the Cowboys last great gunslinger Troy Aikman. The NFL keynote speaker and prominent sports broadcaster roped in 3 Super Bowl titles and now runs the NBC broadcast booth during NFL coverage with Chris Collinsworth and Joe Buck. When you are looking to hire a well-known sports speaker who has remained relevant in the sports world long after his final snap, consider a big name NFL legend like Troy for your upcoming event.

Herschel Walker: If you ask anyone in the state of Georgia who the best running back of all time is, many would still say it’s 1982 Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker. Like a thoroughbred horse, Herschel used to break the line of scrimmage and gallop into the end zone with ease past the toughest of SEC defenses. In recent years Herschel has been an active advocate to raise awareness for the mental health community. Herschel battles Dissociative Identity Disorder and has given keynote speeches in an effort to continue to push the conversation on important issues for mental health patients.

Joe Greene: No one will ever forget the timeless 1979 Coca-Cola commercial starring the not so mean Joe Greene. NFL Keynote Speaker Joe is a legend and was the centerpiece of the Pittsburgh Steeler’s Steel Curtain defense in the 1970’s. The guy was a unanimous selection for the NFL Hall of Fame in 1987. Nowadays he’s taking it easy on the competition, using his days instead to mentor others as a motivational speaker.