Top 10 Trending Sports Speakers October 3

Why are they trending you might ask?  Let the experts at Sports Speakers Bureau break down who’s hot and uncover why these Sports Speakers are making headlines.

hire-jay-bilasJay Bilas: For those of you who have been painstakingly awaiting the return of college hoops since March fear not, the wait is almost over! The folks at ESPN have been gearing up for another exciting season and beloved analyst and Duke alum Jay Bilas has signed a new contract that extends through the end of 2023. The biggest change to this sports speaker’s duties this year was the switch to replace Dick Vitale as the Saturday primetime game color-commentator alongside Dan Shulman. Outside of his own playing career, Jay Bilas has become synonymous with college hoops and is a well-received guest speaker at any formal or informal event.

hire-lisa-leslieLisa Leslie: Since her glory days winning championships with the L.A. Sparks, the 6’5 WNBA legend Lisa Leslie has taken her professional career to new heights. This week Lisa and a host of female sports personalities joined together for the premiere episode of their new CBS talk show, We Need to Talk. The show focuses on sports and society from a female point of view and this week Lisa shared her first-hand experiences with domestic violence. Now a proud mother of 2, Lisa recounted the day she walked out on her previous abusive relationship and her story can empower others to take action in domestic relationships.

keynote-speaker-cal-ripken-jrCal Ripken Jr.: The Ironman sure knows a thing or two about baseball in October after an incredible career with the Baltimore Orioles and TBS has roped in the former slugger as a featured analyst during their postseason coverage. Cal also made an appearance in a hilarious new TBS promotional video recreating the now infamous “Boom goes the dynamite” sports anchor clip. This Hall of Famer has remained one of the most well-respected and well-liked MLB ambassadors and would make a great guest speaker at your next events.

sports-speaker-dara-torresDara Torres: During her career as a competitive swimmer, Dara Torres has painted a picture of longevity as an Olympic athlete that very few humans could possibly duplicate. Even now she recently introduced her own health & fitness app and was selected as one of the leading ladies on the new CBS sports talk show with a host of female sports athletes and personalities. The new show premiered on Tuesday and covered a range of topics most notably the dark cloud of domestic violence that has evolved following a string of domestic violence abuse cases in the NFL.

hire-joe-buckJoe Buck: To be honest, postseason baseball just wouldn’t be the same without the bravado of sports speaker Joe Buck. His iconic voice has been encapsulated with some of the greatest moments in the postseason of both the MLB and the NFL. It should come as no surprise that Joe has won multiple sports Emmys for his work with Fox Sports over the years. Need to hire a sports speaker? Joe is vet and his incredible work as a prominent sports broadcaster precedes him.

Dennis Eckersley: Boy, the Oakland A’s sure could’ve used a few innings from Dennis Eckersley down the stretch this season! While his beloved A’s were unable to make the playoffs, Dennis will be a part of the festivities as a featured analyst on the TBS broadcast team. Dennis is on the call for the American League Division Series between the Detroit Tigers and the Baltimore Orioles with broadcast partner Joe Simpson.

Brett Favre: Brett Favre has left the NFL for good (we think) but you can’t keep him away from the football field. Sports Speaker Brett is now a high school coach in Mississippi and already won a state title but the public has been more focused on his newly-grown facial hair. Hair grooming brand Micro Touch saw this as an opportunity and has signed Brett on as a celebrity spokesperson. He has already appeared in infomercials for the brand and this is a great way to turn seemingly negative press into a clever marketing strategy.

Laila Ali: Luckily for the competition, the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali hung the gloves up in 2007 after a perfect 24-0 career riddle with TKO’s. She’s since enjoyed a successful career as a TV personality appearing as the host of American Gladiators, Everyday Health and even appearing in a commercial for Kohl’s. Sports Speaker Laila is now back in the spotlight as a prominent figure on the new CBS talk show We Need to Talk with the fellow strong female sports personalities we have already mentioned.

Russell Wilson: Sports heroes who do it the “right way” can often be few and far between, but Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is reminding every sports fan what it looks like. Russell has garnered an unprecedented amount of endorsement opportunities since entering the league. His latest scramble off the field will be as a senior editor for recently retired Yankee Derek Jeter’s new website, The Players Tribune. In his first post, Russell touched on the issue of domestic violence and through his new Why Not You Foundation has started an initiative called Pass the Peace to encourage the public to care for one another.

Swin Cash: Sports Speaker Swin sure knows how to shoot and dish the rock and this week she dished on the biggest issues in sports and society with some of the biggest names in women’s sports. The all-female CBS talk show We Need to Talk has the opportunity to not only grow the interest of the female perspective on sports issues but also to enhance the off-court careers of these powerful female sports speakers. Swin has experience as an Olympic gold medalist and WNBA Champion and her story can inspire others to choose to become great.