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Every soccer fan knows how sacred a good goalkeeper is, and Tim Howard is no exception. The professional and U.S. National Team soccer player started off as a midfielder and a basketball player before his talent for goalkeeping was discovered by in high school. In just the sixth grade, Sports Speaker Tim was diagnosed with Tourette’s, but quickly discovered the playing field was a refuge where he was able to excel and focus intently on something besides his disorder.

Tim never used Tourette’s as a handicap or a crutch, but proved to people everywhere that you can push through any circumstance to success, even when he was called “retarded” and “disabled” by the press. Despite criticism, Tim continued to establish himself as an irreplaceable goalie with the Metro Stars followed by Manchester United, and started for the U.S. in the 2010 World Cup. Now playing for the English team Everton, Tim defeated the odds when he scored his first professional goal and the fourth for a goalkeeper in a Premier League Match. However, the humble goalie showed he was a true team player when he did not celebrate his own accomplishment out of sympathy for his opponent Ádám Bogdán. Tim’s contract with Everton is extended to 2018.

The 6’3” goalie seems to have an affinity for pushing through the impossible—during the a 2007 friendly match against Brazil he dislocated a finger and a 2013 Football Association Challenge Cup game Tim broke two bones in his back, yet he managed to play through the final second in both matches. Tim is not the first athlete of elite caliber to have Tourette’s; Tim’s role model NBA player Chris Jackson and MLB player Jim Eisenreich both had successful careers despite being diagnosed with the disorder. Tim’s achievements in soccer and his work on the Tourette’s Syndrome of New Jersey charity board have inspired children with Tourette’s and earned him the MLS Humanitarian Award in 2001. A devout Christian as well, Tim is involved with the Christian organization Athletes in Action, and has also been featured in campaigns for PETA.