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Steve Levy is one of the more known analyst/anchor featured on ESPN at any time during the week. He currently works most on shows such as SportsCenter while still taking the time to offer his voice and analysis during hockey games. When it is almost time for hockey season to come to a close it is inevitable fans viewing the games on television will be able to hear the riveting voice of world famous commentator Steve Levy.

Sports speaker Steve Levy has been working with ESPN as an anchor on SportsCenter since 1993. He began his commentating career in 1983 while still in college. He did so well he eventually became sports director for the station his junior and senior years. After graduating from State University of New York at Oswego, Steve stayed to work in New York for WFAN a sports radio station based in New York City. The station is owned by CBS giving Steve the leverage he needed to get hired at ESPN. After beginning work in 1993 Steve began to see new opportunities come his way. From 1995-2005 he offered play by play for NHL games. Steve has also offered his voice for the NCAA Division one Men’s college hockey tournament where he worked during the semifinals, more commonly known as “The Frozen Four. Because of his work for the NHL Steve has earned the nickname “Mr. Overtime” for calling three of the longest games in NHL history which simultaneously happened to be in the playoffs each time.

Steve Levy has appeared in a few movies including Fever Pitch, The Ringer, and Tooth Fairy which also starred Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock. He has also had his hand in advertising. Steve was given the chance to appear in a print advertisement for a Swiss watchmaker, Raymond Weil.