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Motivational Speaker Shelley Smith is well-recognized as a prominent sports correspondent for ESPN. She began working part-time for the network in 1993 before becoming a full-time correspondent in 1997. Shelley loves sports, but she loves helping others even more. When she is not on the road filming for ESPN, Shelley works with several charitable organizations including the Boys and Girls Club of America.

In 2014, Motivational Speaker Shelley Smith announced that she was getting treatment for breast cancer. She returned to the air for ESPN in April of 2015. She has received an outpouring of support by not only from her colleagues at ESPN but also the general public. Shelley is a role model for others who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and those that know a loved one who is in the fight.

In addition to her work with cancer research organizations, Motivational Speaker Shelley Smith has been active in raising awareness for AIDS victims. She was awarded a Sports Emmy for her piece on Magic Johnson which aired on ESPN during their segment on AIDS and athletes. She also works with a non-profit organization in California called the Serra Project which provides homes for AIDS victims.

Before joining ESPN, Shelley worked as a writer and reporter for Sports Illustrated magazine from 1989-1997. She has also worked for the San Francisco Examiner and the Associated Press. Given her proven writing skills, Shelley helped NFL wide-receiver Keyshawn Johnson pen his memoir about his rookie season in the NFL with the New York Jets. In 2000, she co-wrote a book with sports psychologist Caroline Silby called Games Girls Play: Lessons to Guiding and Understanding Young Female Athletes. The book is a great tool for parents looking to find ways to encourage and empower their daughters as athletes and as people.

Motivational Speaker Shelley Smith is a picture of courage and professionalism in the world of sports journalism.