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Motivational Sports Speaker Scott Rigsby may just be one of the most amazing, and inspirational athletes of all time.  Rigsby’s story of tragedy and triumph begins when he was eighteen years old. Scott and his friends were riding in the back of a pickup truck when it was hit by an 18-wheeler, throwing the teenager under a three -ton trailer and dragging him 300 feet. The accident left Scott with third degree burns, a severed right leg, a left leg barely intact, and a life hanging by a thread. Rigsby’s first triumph was surviving the accident. After 26 surgeries, Scott was still alive, but the road to recovery would not be easy. He became addicted to prescription drugs, resulting in a loss of relationships, and an inability to maintain a steady income. After selling all the furniture he owned just to make rent, Scott decided to turn his life around in 2005. He began training for triathlons, marathons, and iron man races, on a mission to prove that having a disability does not limit one’s goals.  Rigsby was soon setting world records, paving the way for amputees and disabled athletes across the world. He completed 13 triathlons, five road races, and set world records for a double below-the-knee amputee in the Full Marathon, Half Ironman, and International Distance Triathlon, which earned him a spot on the 2006 USA Triathlon Team. He then decided to do the unimaginable for someone under his circumstances; complete a full Ironman, the world’s toughest endurance test.  Sure enough, Rigsby did not let his condition stop him from achieving his goal, as he became the first double-amputee to finish an Ironman. He completed the 140.6-mile race on October 13, 2007 in 16 hours and 43 minutes.

Currently, Scott Rigsby engages in many public speaking events. As a sports speaker, Rigsby provides inspiration to wounded US troops, conducting media interviews, and being featured in national magazines and newspapers.  His story has been featured on may top news outlets such as NBC, CNN, and Fox.  Additionally, Scott has founded the Scott Rigsby Foundation, which works to inspire, educate, and enable amputees, and encourages challenged athletes from around the world to open new doors and accomplish their goals.