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Coming from Canada Sami Jo Small, like many other Canadians, was in love with the sport of hockey. Although there were not girl leagues at the time she played outside every day with the boys proving that she was just as good if not better than them. It took her longer than expected to reach her dream of playing hockey in the Olympics, however she made it and stepped up to the challenge of playing against the best female hockey players in the world.

Sports speaker Sami Jo Small accepted a scholarship to Stanford University for Track and Field. She participated in the discus and javelin events. Hockey yet again became her passion and she played on the Men’s Hockey team where she received Pac-10 MVP honors, but because of injuries she was not able to join the Canadian Olympic team until the 1998 Olympic Games. Since her union with the team Sami Jo has become a three time Olympian winning two gold medals. In order to somewhat satisfy her dreams of playing in the NHL she helped found the Canadian Women’s Hockey League for women going through the same predicament she was in. She is the current vice-chairman of the organization and continues to play in the league for the Toronto Furies today.

Sami Jo believes her story needs to be told in order to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams. She presently travels through North America as a motivational speaker. Sami Jo Small is the current ambassador to the Right to Play and CAN fund organizations. Her next objective is to increase participation in the hockey school she started. It is meant to enhance the talents of young girls in love with the game of hockey. The school reaches four provinces in her native country of Canada thus reaching a wide group of girls, but expansion may always be a thought.