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Beginning his professional career in 1973 with the Oakland Raiders as the first pure punter to ever be drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft, Sports Speaker Ray Guy was destined to make history from the start. A consistently successful punter, he led punting in 1974, 1975, and 1977, while finishing second three times in his career, and third once. During his 14-season career with the Raiders, he had a punting average of 42.4 yards, maintaining an average of over 40 yards for all but one season. Although his highest average was during his rookie season at 45.3 yards, his longest punt came in 1977 against Denver at a whopping 74 yards. With such impressive skill, only three of his 1,049 punts were blocked by the time of his retirement in 1986, and he held a second-overall ranking with 619 consecutive punts without a block since 1979.

Throughout his career, he played in seven Pro bowls and seven AFC championship games, being named All-Pro six times and All-AFC seven times. Particularly memorable is the 1976 Pro Bowl in which Guy became the first punter to hit the Louisiana Superdome video screen, inciting officials to raise the screen from 90 feet to 200 feet. To add to his already extensive list of elite games, he also played in three Super Bowls throughout his career with the Raiders. Perhaps most notable is the 1984 Super Bowl XVIII in which he landed five of his seven punts inside the 20 and averaged 42.7 yards, helping the Raiders to defeat the Redskins 38-9.

After his retirement in 1986, the Great Augusta Sports Council established the Ray Guy Award in 2000 to honor the nation’s best collegiate punter. In addition to having his talent remembered through an award, he has also been inducted into various prestigious societies such as the College Football Hall of Fame, as well as the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame.

As a seven-time finalist, Guy has most recently been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2014 with much anticipation. After Jan Stenerud, Guy is the second kicker to ever be honored with an induction, and the first pure punter to ever be selected. As a historical figure in the sport, it is no surprise that Guy is now officially recognized as an esteemed keynote speaker in the realm of football.