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With her long lines and graceful movements, American ice skater Peggy Fleming skated her way to an Olympic gold at the 1968 Games in Grenoble; at just nineteen years old, Peggy was the only American to win a gold medal at these Olympics. Her elegant and jazzy style in combination with nearly flawless execution enchanted both the audiences and the judges—in fact, her cover on Life Magazine named her Olympic Charmer. Sports Speaker Peggy is also a three-time World Champion. Her rise to the top of the skating world helped to increase the prominence of skating in the United States and return the sport to its former glory.

After her Olympic success, Peggy’s good looks and allure made her an icon—in 1993, the Associated Press named the Olympic figure skater the third most popular athlete in America behind Mary Lou Retton and Dorothy Hamill. From performing on countless television programs, touring the country with shows such as Ice Capades, and serving as a commentator for ABC Sports, Peggy’s professional career kept her busier than ever. In 1968, NBC filmed and aired the television special Here’s Peggy Fleming, with special guests Gene Kelly and Richard Harris. In 2007, the renowned skater made her feature film debut as a judge in Blades of Glory, which starred Will Ferrell and Jon Heder.

Besides authoring her book The Long Program: Skating Towards Life’s Victories, one of Peggy’s greatest accomplishments off the ice is surviving breast cancer. After her diagnosis and subsequent treatment and recovery, the Olympic Charmer defeated the odds in 1998, and turned her story into a platform as a spokesperson for the Breast Cancer Awareness.  She has since championed breast cancer screening and early detection on Oprah, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, and 20/20.

After successfully owning and operating Fleming Jenkins Wines with her husband for several years, Peggy retired from winemaking and turned to art as a newfound creative outlet. Peggy’s work on the canvas is just as exquisite as her ice skating, sparking involvement with Art of the Olympians.