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Meryl Davis has shown consistency through her skating career thus far. Growing up near her partner has allowed them the companionship of one another thus leading to a strong relationship between the two. Trust is very important when competing in such a dependent contest as team ice dancing.

Sports speaker Meryl Davis grew up in Michigan where she would pick up the talent of ice skating around the age of 5. Once she began to indulge herself in the sport of ice skating her coach paired her with teammate Charlie White. The best thing is that they grew up merely 10 minutes apart from each other. Their families were very close as well. This made for an easy transition into the partner based sport. Meryl won her first Olympic medal in 2010 at the Vancouver Olympics where the team placed second. In 2014 she won a gold medal in the ice dancing competition at the Sochi Olympic Games. Although this was her first Olympic gold, Meryl has conquering events since 2009 where her first gold medal was achieved at the United States National Championships. Meryl, along with her partner Charlie, competed at events including Grand Prix Finals, the World Junior Championships, the World Championships, and the Olympic Games. The two are the first Americans to win the World Championships as well as the first to win a gold medal at the Olympic games for ice skating.

As a child Meryl was diagnosed with Dyslexia causing her to have trouble reading almost until she graduated high school. With her perseverance and hard work Meryl was able to graduate high school and move on to higher education at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor Michigan. Meryl has competed on Dancing with the stars and won the eighth season along with partner and dance instructor and choreographer Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The win was not only Meryl’s first, but Markisim’s first win on the show as well.