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Sports Speaker Mel Kiper Jr. is a familiar sports correspondent for ESPN TV and radio. Mel is the primary analyst for NFL Draft coverage each year. He is the go-to guy for stats, stories and updates on potential draft picks. His annual draft big board has become a staple in determining who the best picks are for each team. The big board changes leading up to the draft as Mel ranks the top 25 players each week. Before Mel Kiper Jr. hit the scene, the NFL Draft was just another insignificant event in the offseason. Now it has grown into a glorified event thanks to its #1 hype man.

Sports Speaker Mel Kiper Jr. knew what he wanted in life and chased after it until he had surpassed even his wildest dreams as a football analyst. While in college, Mel founded his own talent evaluation business called Kiper Enterprises. A Baltimore native, he was offered a job in the Colts front office before the team moved to Indianapolis and did not bring Mel with them. Sports Speaker Mel Kiper Jr. first started covering the draft for ESPN in 1984.

Mel never had any formal player analysis training. His love for the nuances of the game were enough to make him a pretty savvy evaluator of talent. He has virtually come from obscurity to now be credited as the most knowledgeable draft analyst in the biz. NFL teams subscribe to his reports and respect them enough to make decisions for their teams based on those evaluations. In addition to his draft work, Mel also co-hosts an ESPN radio show with Dari Nowkhah called Dari and Mel.

Sports Speaker Mel Kiper Jr. is a polarizing figure in the world of football who has worked hard to build his own success from the ground up.