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Mark Schlereth has been a staple in the world of football for the past three decades.  He’s held a major presence both on the offensive line on the football field and in front of the camera for football fans everywhere.  Schlereth played at the University of Idaho for 4 years, and was selected in the 10th round of the NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins. Sports Speaker Mark would go on to play 5 seasons for the Redskins (1989-1994) during which he was selected to the Pro Bowl once (1991).  He was a member of the Redskins for Super Bowl XXVI in 1992.  Following his stint with the Redskins, Schlereth played for the Devner Broncos for 6 seasons (1995-2000).  He was selected to the Pro Bowl in 1998 and won two more Super Bowls (XXXII and XXXIII) before hanging up the cleats in 2000.

After the conclusion of his football career, Mark Schlereth was quickly hired by ESPN as an NFL Analyst.  He became a full-time analyst in 2004 and has since been used in a variety of NFL programming on the network.  Schlereth has been featured as a regular on shows such as NFL Live and SportsCenter. He has also ventured into other various acting roles including a recurring role in the soap opera series, Guiding Light, where he appears as Detective Roc Hoover.

Mark Schlereth has also seen his own share of endorsements and personal products.  He is a former spokesman for Nutrisystem weight loss and diet program.  In addition he has recently created his own brand of “Stinkin’ Good Green Chile Sauce” that is currently being sold in over 300 stores throughout Colorado.  Schlereth also has three kids, including his son Daniel who was a pitcher in Major League Baseball.