Mariano Rivera

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Some call him the best closer in history. Others say he is one of the best Yankees to ever see the mound. Mariano Rivera’s career has led him to live up to both of these claims. With his power style of pitching Mariano was able to retire countless batters during his amazing career with the New York Yankees.

Sports speaker Mariano Rivera did not expect to play baseball professionally. Growing up in Panama City, Panama forced Mariano to live the life of a fisherman. Alongside his father Mariano braved the rough and tough seas searching for fish to sell as well as feed the family. Before he turned 21 Marino knew this was not the life he wanted and decided to quit fishing. He was discovered by a Yankee scout playing in a tournament hosted in Panama. With his frame it did not look like he would be worth paying attention too, however his form and ease of pitching changed their mind. The Yankees signed him to a deal in 1990, however he would not pitch in the major leagues until 1995. From 1995-2013 when Mariano retired he has the privilege of boasting five World-Series wins, having his #42 jersey retired by the Yankees, and the MLB record for career saves.

Away from the diamond Mariano is very involved with organizations helping Latin American players learn English and the American media learning Spanish. Growing up in Latin America Mariano did not learn English until after a few years playing in America. He noticed none of his teammates knew Spanish and it was very difficult for them to communicate with one another. He has built schools in his hometown and co-authored an autobiography titled “The Closer: My Story”. Mariano had endorsement deals with Nike, and was the first athlete used in a Canali marketing campaign.