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Lebron James is a 2-time NBA champion currently playing basketball for the Miami Heat. Heralded as “King James” on the court, Lebron has become an international icon in a sport that transcends the boundaries of nations. His popularity as one of the best basketball players ever to play the game other than Michael Jordan has propelled him to become a role model off the court as well. Each year since 2011, ESPN and Sports Illustrated have championed Lebron as the best player in the NBA and his high fashion sense has earned him recognition as one of the world’s best dressed athletes as well.

Sports Speaker Lebron was well-known for his basketball ability by the time he reached high school and he jumped straight to the NBA in 2003 during the waning years before the NBA required players to play at least 1 year in college. Both Slam magazine and Sports Illustrated would feature cover stories on Lebron and his talent and he was named the Gatorade Player of the Year his junior and senior years. He was selected #1 overall by his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers and spent the next 7 years with the team trying to make a run at an NBA title. During his free agency in 2010 he decided to play for the Miami Heat during a nationally televised ESPN special. He joined fellow all-stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and the trio and since lead the team to 2 consecutive NBA championships.

What’s been almost as equally impressive as Lebron’s basketball ability is his marketability. When he was drafted in 2003 lots of major footwear and apparel companies wanted his endorsement and he settled with Nike for a now famous $90 million contract. Since then the company has introduced Lebron’s own shoe line that has created over 11 signature models which are almost as coveted by sneakerheads as much as the newest Air Jordans.  He also has an ongoing commercial campaign with industry leaders Samsung, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola. Forbes magazine has called Lebron one of the most influential athletes of today and his sense of passion and care for his community helped lead him to work with several charities like the Boys and Girls Club and creating his own, the Lebron James Family Foundation.