Lance Armstrong

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The amazing career of Lance Armstrong can be attributed almost entirely to his memorable cycling career although he did not start officially cycling until the early 1990s. Before cycling Lance was first a swimmer and then a Tri-Athlon participant. Because of his life threatening fight with cancer when the doctors barely gave him a chance he speaks up to let people know to keep fighting no matter what the situation is. It is something Lance prides himself on and will continue to participate in for as long as possible.

Sports speaker Lance Armstrong loved swimming at an early age, and he was very good at it winning multiple contests. He kept swimming until he was introduced to triathlons and after that he never participated in swimming by itself again. Because of the cycling portion during triathlon races Lance was able to get early practice in and become accustomed to a sport he would have a remarkable career in. Lance was diagnosed with cancer in 1993. The doctors gave him a slight chance to live, but with strength and determination he was able to climb out of his situation to the greatest stage in cycling history. Doctors officially deemed him cancer-free in February of 1997. Lance won his first gold medal in the Tour de France in 1999.  He then went on to win 7 more consecutive gold medals in this race thus sealing his name as one of the greatest racers in history.

His story is one for the ages and ‘Le Boss’ uses it to his advantage when doing motivational speeches. It is important for him to let everyone know that you can do anything you set your mind to. That is a big reason why Lance created his Live Strong foundation as well as Wonders and Worries. The renowned yellow wristband trend worn by people who promote Live Strong world-wide is meant to signify that support for those with cancer is present and they are not alone in their strenuous fight. Because of his support Lance has been supported by Nike, Oakley, and sports athletic wear company Giro.