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Who said you needed snow to be a world-class skier? If the Jamaican bobsled team of 1988 could, manage, than Puerto Rican skier and sports speaker Jonny Moseley can manage just fine as well. Speaking that there isn’t any snow in Puerto Rico, the first time Moseley saw the white powdery stuff was on a family vacation to California. When the Moseley family eventually moved to Tiburon, California, just north of San Francisco, skiing on the Sierra Nevada mountain range became a weekly occurrence.  After graduating high school as a junior national champ, Moseley was selected to join the U.S. Ski Team. After failing to qualify for the 1994 Olympics in Norway, he set his sights on the 1998 games in Japan and got to work. In 1998, Moseley won the first two World Cup events of the year, and by the time the Olympics he was more than up for the challenge. He won the coveted Olympic gold for the U.S. National Team, the first Puerto Rican ever to do so. Later that year he would also win the National Title. For these feats, he was named “sportsman of the year” by the U.S. Olympic Committee. While many would be satisfied with such a successful career, Moseley pushed on relentlessly. In 1999, Moseley convinced the International Skiing federation to alter its policy regarding its athlete’s participation in other professional events, such as the X-Games. With this triumph, Moseley competed in the X-games and won silver, the first skier to medal in both the Olympic Games and the X-Games. To honor his accomplishments, a parade was held in San Francisco, and the Mayor declared it “Jonny Moseley Day” and presented him with “the key to the city”. He has been featured on the cover of both Freeskier and Rolling Stone magazines, and been featured as a guest host on Saturday Night Live. Moseley is also accredited with popularizing the “Iron Cross”, as well as surprising the world with his own new move, the “dinner role”. His public appeal continued to grow with the release of his video game, “Jonny Moseley Mad Trix.” In 2012 Moseley was the host for season 4 of “American Ninja Warrior.”