Joe Montana

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Cool, calm and collected quarterback Joe Montana knew how to get his team the victory no matter the situation. He never folded under the pressure of the game clock beginning to wear down to its final seconds a; skill that has eluded many quarterbacks throughout time earning him the nicknames Joe Cool and The Comeback Kid. A play in history that will be forever known as “The Catch” will solidify his spot as one of the clutches quarterbacks ever to play the game of football.

Sports speaker Joe Montana was a three sport star as a kid; baseball, basketball, and football. His favorite sport was actually basketball, however he decided to stick to football when he earned the starting QB spot on his high school team and was offered a scholarship to Norte Dame University just two years later. Joe took the Fighting Irish to a National Championship in 1977. Two years later Joe entered the NFL draft and was selected 82nd overall by the San Francisco 49ers. Joe did not start right away, but kept his cool until he had his chance. The next season he brought his comeback abilities to the 49ers organization. Throughout his career he owns 31 career comeback wins with 26 coming during his time in San Fran. Joe is a four time Superbowl champion and the only player in history to win three Superbowl MVP awards.  He is also in the hall of fame, and ranked #4 on NFL.com’s 100 greatest players of all-time list.

Joe has been known to support the Feeding America foundation which organizes food networks around the country as well as increasing awareness of domestic hungry as well as the Celebrity Fight Night Foundation. The foundation is an annual event by Jimmy Walker that brings celebrities together for auctions in order to support people in need.