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Former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle affectionately known as “Mean Joe” Greene is a retired NFL star whose dominant defensive displays on the field were enough to earn him Hall of Fame honors in 1987. Sports Speaker Joe was a part of a ferocious Steelers defense that was known as the Steel Curtain. He and his Steel Curtain counterparts even found their way onto the cover of Time magazine during their reign in the NFL. He helped lead the Steelers to 4 Super bowl titles in his 12 seasons with the team. In July of 2014, the Steelers retired Joe’s #75 jersey during a game against arch-rival the Baltimore Ravens. Joe certainly brought the team a little luck that day as the Steelers trounced the Ravens 43-23! Off the field many recognize this former NFL great from his iconic Coca-Cola TV commercial that originally aired in October of 1979 and was a featured ad during the 1980 Super Bowl.

When the Steelers selected Joe as the 4th overall pick in the 1969 NFL Draft, many Steelers fans were unsure of the pick and unfamiliar with the man that would eventually become a fan favorite during the organization’s greatest era. He was a young, fiery player whose emotions were on full display during games. He will be the first to tell you now that a passion for the game and a passion for winning is one thing, but letting your emotions get the best of you usually never helps the situation at hand.

Joe was named a First-team All-AFC member and Pro Bowler 11 times during his career. NFL.com ranks him as the #13 greatest NFL player of all time bar none. His winning attitude and dedication to his craft inspired those around him and he learned valuable leadership skills while playing in the NFL. Following his career as a player, he served as a color commentator for the Steelers before joining the Steelers organization as an assistant coach under his former head coach, Chuck Noll. From 1987-2004, he served as an assistant coach with the Steelers, Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals. He would then work as a special assistant with the Steelers up until 2013, winning 2 more Super Bowl rings as a part of the organization. Joe is bookable for motivational speeches and endorsement campaigns as well as autograph sessions and other personal appearances.