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How many people can wake up every morning (including Mondays!) and honestly say they can’t wait to get to work? Not many, but this couldn’t be truer for professional cross-country skier and sports speaker Jessie Diggins! Ever since she could walk, skiing has been a major part of who she is. Her very existence in a function of her time on the slopes! After traveling around the world for junior world championships in high school, Diggins decided that she loved the professional Nordic skier life more than anything else and decided to turn down being a full time student in order to do what she loved more than anything else – ski. After spending just a year training full time, Diggins found herself with a spot on the U.S. Ski team in 2011, her hard work had paid off and her dream was finally becoming a reality. Later that year, she won the U.S. sprint freestyle championship. With the taste of victory on the tip of her tongue, she vowed to train even harder. 2012 was a huge year for Diggins, and one that saw her win the World Cup, both the U.S. sprint freestyle and U.S. sprint classic championships, as well as both the U.S. 20k freestyle and the U.S. 10k classic championships. In 2013, she and her partner Kikkan Randall became the first Americans to ever win the Nordic Skiing Team World Championship Sprint. The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia left Diggins the eighth best skier in the world, a number she hopes to improve upon as she heads back to the training grounds. Of the few Elite American Nordic skiers, Diggins is already on the top of the list of skiing greats. In just her early twenties, she has a long successful career in front of her.