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With a top ranked junior league world title as a precursor of his professional career, Sports Speaker Ivan Lendl did not enter the professional realm of tennis quietly. Officially a professional tennis player in 1978, he reached his first top-level singles final just the next year, and went on to win seven singles titles in 1980. As Lendl’s career progressed in 1981, he achieved ten titles, most notably beating Vitas Gerulaitis in the Masters Grand Prix tour for the gold. He was also a member of the Czechoslovakian team that won the Davis Cup in 1980, as well as the Czechoslovakian team that won the 1981 World Team Cup.

With a 44-match winning streak in 1983, Lendl was able to win 15 of his 23 singles tournaments. He also competed in the World Championship Tennis tour, where he managed to claim all ten of the WCT tournaments he participated in. Lendl again won the Masters Grand Prix tour in 1982, claiming a victory over John McEnroe, whom he also defeated in his first WCT Finals. Although Lendl won another seven tournaments in 1983, he continued to strive for a Grand Slam victory. Despite reaching the French Open finals in 1981 and participating in the 1982 US Open, Lendl still just missed his opportunity at a Grand Slam win as a runner-up at both the Australian Open and the US Open in 1983. Still a talented athlete, Lendl became the number one ranked player in the world in 1983, a position he maintained for the next five years.

Facing McEnroe again in the 1984 French Open, Lendl finally achieved his first Grand Slam win. Lendl proved to again be successful at the 1985 US Open where he beat McEnroe for the gold — the first of three consecutive US Open career wins. In the same year he also won the WCT Finals, as well as the Masters Grand Prix tour. As the years continued, Lendl added to his Grand Slam victories as he won both the 1986 and 1987 French Open titles, in addition to placing first at the US Open in those years, too. A reoccurring champion in the Master Grand Prix tour, he also placed first at the tournament in those same two years. Lendl continued to uphold his powerhouse status when he won his first Australian Open title in 1989 and 1990, as well as ten out of his seventeen tournaments in 1989.

Although Lendl retired from tennis in 1994, he has made appearances in various tournaments such as the 2010 Caesars Tennis Classic exhibition and the 2012 Sparta Prague Open tournament. He continues to stay active in the industry as the previous coach of professional tennis player Andy Murray, steering Murray to his first two Grand Slam victories in 2012 and 2013. With a total of 144 singles titles and 6 doubles titles, Lendl was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2001. An experienced athlete with the ability to coach other players toward success, Lendl is a world-renowned athlete and keynote speaker wrapped into one.