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When it comes to charismatic football personalities, Herm Edwards is second to none.  Sports Speaker Herm has seen all the sides of the NFL from his time as a player, head coach, and current analyst.  A man who is never short on inspirational words, Herm has delivered his fair share of priceless quotations including his most famous “You Play to Win the Game,” which was turned into a Coors Light commercial in 2008.

Edwards life of professional football began in 1977 when he went undrafted but was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles.  As a hard-nosed workaholic, Edwards gained a reputation as a gamer.  He never missed a game during his 9 seasons with the Eagles, and his most memorable moment in the NFL came when he returned a fumble for a touchdown in a game known as–“The Miracle at the Meadowlands” against the hated rival New York Giants.  The transition to coaching was an easy one for Herm due to his skills as a natural leader and orator.  As a coach Edwards manned the ship for the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs for 8 combined seasons.  He made 4 playoff appearances in those seasons including 3 with the Jets.

Following his career on the sidelines, ESPN inked Herm to a deal to be an NFL analyst on their networks.  The camera proved to be Edward’s good friend, and he has excelled in the field since 2009.  Edwards has become known for his intensity and staunch opinions on certain topics, and he is a strong proponent of professionalism in the workplace.  The NFL has chosen Herm to speak at the Rookie Symposium for all incoming players to motivate them to conduct themselves as good mature human beings.  Personally, Edwards is a practicing Roman Catholic and his a major contributor to the community.  In recent years he has developed a Herm Edwards Charity Golf Tournament to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Monterey, California.