Gregg Popovich

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Gregg Popovich, or “Pop” as most NBA fans and affiliates know him as, has been the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs since 1996. He is well-known for creating one of the most fundamentally sound and team-oriented basketball franchises in the history of the NBA and his brand of team basketball has earned him 4 NBA championships over his career.

Sports Speaker Gregg started out in the NBA as an assistant for the Spurs working hand in hand with co-lead assistant Larry Brown, former coach of the Detroit Pistons. He would then take his talents to Golden State for a small stint where he was able to learn more about the game through head coach and hall of famer Don Nelson. Sports Speaker Gregg arrived back in the Spurs organization in 1994 as GM. This is when the Spurs talent began to plummet and when he finally decided to fired the head coach at the time he named himself coach in 1996. With the arrival of future hall of famer Tim Duncan in 1997 the Spurs began to consistently win each season. During the Tim Duncan era Pop has 3 four NBA Championships, been named Coach of the Year 3 times and has won 5 Western Conference Championships along with being named the Western Conference All-Star coach 3 times. Under the remarkable leadership of Coach Popovich, the Spurs have grasped a playoff spot 17 years in a row to go along with 15 seasons of 50 wins or more.

Off the court, Gregg makes sure to give back to the San Antonio community that has supported him and the team since his arrival in 1996. He is actively involved in charities such as the Spurs/Pizza Hut Drug-free youth basketball league as well as helping out with the San Antonio Food Bank.