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David Epstein is an author, investigative reporter and senior writer for Sports Illustrated.  He is one of world’s leading writers and researchers on athletes, with a focus on the scientific makeup of athletic specimens. Throughout his tenure at Sports Illustrated, Epstein has broken some of the most notable stories and findings in the last couple of decades.  Sports Speaker David educational background includes Columbia University where he earned dual degrees in environmental science and journalism.

Epstein has been a major player in releasing some of the most groundbreaking sports news in recent years. The pinnacle of his investigative reporting came when he revealed that New York Yankees 3rd Basemen Alex Rodriguez had tested positive for steroids in 2003.  At the time Rodriguez was well on his way to being considered one of the greatest baseball players of all-time.  In addition to writing articles, David’s true crown jewel is his book The Sports Gene.  The Sports Gene examines what physical, mental and genetic differences elevate professional athletes over amateurs.  It delves into the “10,000 hour rule,” which states that if a person dedicates 10,000 hours to practicing their particular sport then their chances to become a professional exponentially increase.  Epstein eventually comes to the conclusion that the actual range is much wider than 10,000 hours and has a variety of genetic factors in play as well.

David Epstein has also been a TED speaker with a focus on the correlation between genetics and sports.  His talk is centered around the overall improvement of the modern day athlete in terms of size, strength and speed..  Throughout the duration of his career has received a great deal of praise for his work including an award from the Society of Professional Journalists for science reporting for a story on the genetics of athletic performance in 2010.