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Bob Costas is an award-winning sportscaster who has worked in many facets with NBC since the early 1980’s. With a vast sports knowledge and quick wit, Bob has been the host of NBC’s Olympic broadcasts since 1992. After the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi he will have hosted a total of 10 Olympic broadcasts. Bob has won close to 20 Sports Emmy Awards and is an 8-time NSSA Sportscaster of the Year award winner.

Sports Speaker Bob started his professional broadcast career doing mostly play-by-play that began with the Spirit of St. Louis American Basketball Association team. From 1976-1979, he worked at CBS as a regional NFL and NBA announcer  before landing a job as the Chicago Bulls play by play announcer on a nationally broadcasted Chicago TV station. He would then move to NBC where he has remained and become one of their lead play by play announcers and in-studio hosts. Along with the Olympics, Bob is now the in-studio host for Football Night in America and has hosted the pregame, halftime, and postgame shows at multiple Super Bowls. His ability to cover a multitude of sports is impressive and since 2001 he has been the co-host of the Kentucky Derby, on NBC’s coverage of the U.S. Open major golf tournament, and the NBA Finals.

With the creation of the new NBC Sports Network TV channel, Bob has been given his own monthly interview talk show called Costas Tonight. Well-known as an avid baseball fan, bob delivered the eulogy at the great Yankee Mickey Mantle’s funeral and published his first book titled Fair Ball: A Fan’s Case for Baseball which advocated for certain changes to bring back the popularity of the America’s favorite pastime. He has lent his voice to several motion pictures in roles including as race announcer Bob Cutlass in Cars.