Bjorn Borg

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Sports Speaker Bjorn Borg is a former Swedish professional tennis star. Known as the “Ice Man” for his calm composure on the court, Borg won an incredible 41 percent of the Grand Slam singles tournaments he entered and 89 percent of the Grand Slam singles matches he played; these are both records. In addition, Borg holds records for his winning rate across all surfaces and his winning rate at Wimbledon. He is the only player to win three majors without dropping a single set. In 1987, Borg was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

In 1974, Borg won the French Open for his first Grand Slam title. Two years later, Borg won his first Wimbledon title without dropping a single set. Borg would go on to win five consecutive Wimbledon titles; he would also win three consecutive French Open titles from 1978-1980. By the end of his career, Borg had earned 11 Grand Slam titles, ranking fifth all-time in most Grand Slam singles titles by a tennis player. Other major accomplishments Borg achieved were three year-end championship titles, two Masters Grand Prix titles, and one WCT Final title. By winning six French Open titles, Borg ranks second all-time in most French Open titles. In 1976-1981, Borg won an incredible 41 consecutive Wimbledon match wins, which is a stand-alone record. ESPN has ranked Borg’s mental game and footwork as the best in open era history. In addition, Jack Kramer has listed Borg as one of the 21 greatest players of all time. Tennis commentator Bud Collins is another individual with a high view of Borg’s career, selecting him as one of the top-five tennis players of all time.

Borg currently owns a fashion label that offers sportswear, footwear, bags, and other merchandise. He  wrote an autobiography with Eugene Scott entitled “My Life and Game” in 1980. As an active philanthropist, Borg has participated in various tennis fundraisers; he has also auctioned off many of his products to charitable causes.