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Sports motivational speaker for hire Bennet Omalu is a physician, neuropathologist and forensic pathologist who is praised as a pioneer in the world of sports medicine. Bennet was the first to discover what is now known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in football players while working at a coroner’s office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bennet served as the inspiration behind the 2015 film Concussion starring Will Smith. The film’s success led to the creation of a foundation in Bennet’s name to advance concussion and CTE research. Bennet currently serves as a chief medical examiner of San Joaquin County, California and is a professor in the Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UC Davis.

Bennet first made the discovery of a neurological condition linked to chronic head trauma while performing independent tissue analysis on former Pittsburgh Steelers wide-receiver Mike Webster in 2002. Webster’s brain looked normal during the regular autopsy, but Bennet’s curiosity and further research turned out to be crucial in uncovering this serious condition in football players. Bennet and several of his colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Pathology published their findings on CTE in 2005. In 2007, Bennet shared his findings with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and others at a league-wide concussion summit.

Yet Goodell would not acknowledge the link between concussions and CTE in the NFL publicly until 2009. Bennet was forced to overcome much adversity and scrutiny from the NFL and members of the medical field who dismissed his research early on. His diligent pursuit of the truth led to an incredible medical breakthrough and he is now praised for withstanding the pressures of his peers and other outside forces. In recent years, Bennet’s research has extended past the football field to find documented cases of CTE in wrestlers and military veterans.

Since the 2015 release of the book and subsequent film about his life and research, Bennet has become a top motivational speaker for corporate conferences, health & wellness events and leadership summits. His inspirational story of growing up in a war-torn Nigeria to becoming one of the most important doctors in sports medicine history hits home with audiences of all ages, backgrounds and corporate levels.

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