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Sports Speaker Bela Karolyi has become and infamous gymnastics coach along with his wife, Marta Karolyi who both immigrated to the United States from Romania in the early 1980’s. Both Bela and Marta have coached Romanian and United States Olympic Gymnastics teams to medal winning success.

Bela Karolyi and Marta Karolyi have coached elite Olympic gymnasts including; Nadia Comaneci, Mary Lou Retton, Betty Okino, Teodora Ugureanu, Kim Zmeskal, and many more. Bela is perhaps most known for being the personal coach to Dominique Moceanu and Kerri Strug in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta where Kerri suffered an ankle injury after her first vault and needed to perform her final vault to win Gold for the team. Karolyi’s motivational speech to Strug empowered her to stick the landing and take the Gold for the team that would go down in history as the Magnificent Seven.

Overall, Bela’s coaching accolades include fifteen world champions, six United States national champions, sixteen European medalists and nine Olympic champions. In the late nineties, Bela Karolyi was inducted into the Gymnastics Hall of Fame and currently Bela and his wife conduct gymnastics camps in Huntsville, Texas. As a television announcer, Bela has commentated for NBC News during the 2008 Olympics and his wife is the US Gymnastics coordinator for the National Team.

Throughout his career, Bela Karolyi has appeared as a guest in several television programs including ABC’s gymnastic series, Make It or Break It, NBC’s Today Show, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, ESPN SportsCentury, ABC’s Wide World of Sports 30th Anniversary Special, and also starred in the blockbuster hit film Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle alongside award winning actresses Cameron Diaz, Drew Berrymore, and Lucy Liu.