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Former player and head coach Barry Melrose knows all there is about the game of hockey. He is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic hockey expert who takes his job very seriously. He has worked in the game for all of his adult life and will continue to provide his opinions and expertise on the game as long as he possibly can.

Saying sports speaker Barry Melrose simply enjoys the game of hockey is a huge understatement. In fact it is easy to say he loves the game, and any other word stronger than that would do him justice. Growing up in Canada where the population consists of many hockey lovers, Barry was quickly drawn to the game. He was drafted in the 1976 NHL draft by the Montreal Canadians and in the WHA draft the same year by the Cincinnati Stingers. Both teams took him number 36 overall. Barry first began playing with the Stingers, however after the WHA league was absorbed by the NHL he then played mostly for the Maple Leafs and Red Wings as a defenseman. After 10+ seasons of play Barry retired in 1987 and quickly transferred his talents to the sidelines where he became a head coach. The same season he took his WHL franchise to win the Memorial Cup Title. Since his coaching career ended Barry has been working with ESPN as a hockey analyst. Fans can find Barry on SportsCenter during hockey season working with Steve Levy providing their analysis on the game and players.

Barry was a part of the ESPN team that won an EMMY for their performance during the 1994 NHL Stanley Cup. He has also done movie appearances for example Barry played himself on Mystery, Alaska with main cast star Russell Crowe. The movie was about a small town hockey team getting the opportunity to play against the powerhouse New York Rangers.