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Sports Speaker Anita Marks is a well-known sports TV and radio personality who was touted as one of the best quarterbacks during her football playing days in the WPFL. Anita is host of “The Anita Marks Show” on NBC Sports Radio as well as a sports commentator for The Bleacher Report, CBS Sports, and a member of the New York Giants broadcast team. She was also a former professional women’s football player where she quarterbacked for the Miami Fury and the Florida Stingrays. Her incredible arm strength and pin point accuracy developed her a reputation for being one of the best quarterbacks to ever play women’s professional football.

She recently teamed up with Pandora, a collection of affordable, hand-finished designs that capture the unforgettable moments of life. By inspiring women to embrace individuality with feminine and romantic pieces, Anita will promote the NFL charm collection to consumers that want to celebrate their favorite team year-round. She will join the MLB Network’s Heidi Watney as PANDORA’s brand ambassador as well as country music artist, Kellie Pickler, celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich and champion figure skater Gracie Gold.

As a thirteen-year veteran of sports talk radio, Anita began her career in Miami, Florida then made her way to Baltimore, Maryland, where she was broadcasted for her afternoon drive show on Comcast Mid Atlantic Sports Network. After four years, she left and joined WFAN and Sirus XM in New York, where she served as a reporter and host. Anita graduated at the University of South Florida with a Communications degree. In addition to her radio shows and former football career, she also appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine.