Why Sports Speakers Are the Most Booked Celebrities!

hire-mike-eruzioneOther than the Olympics, pro sports tend to be local endeavors.  Fans line up for hours to watch Derek Jeter at Spring training as he goes out into the sunset of his Hall of Fame career.  When Joey Votto is doing a sponsor appearance in Cincinnati they need security to make sure he isn’t overwhelmed.  LeBron James is seen out in Miami with the World Championship Miami Heat but his accessibility is always guarded.  A season’s end is never eternal!  There is always another season to attack. New career heights to overcome. TV and internet drive sports and its gladiators to new markets with new fan bases all the time! Corporate America are constantly looking for that fresh face hometown hero to deliver their brand/product messaging!

In the last year companies have utilized our services at Sports Speakers Bureau to hire a sports speaker, among them are some of the biggest names in sports such as Cal Ripken Jr., Bruce Jenner, Lolo Jones, Peyton Manning, Urban Meyer, Dara Torres, Mike Eruzione, Danica Patrick, Derek Jeter, Don Shula, and many others throughout the sports world. We are constantly asked about being the booking agent or speakers bureau for so many of the best athletes in the world. When a company or agency contacts us to find a sports speaker or who represents one of the icons of sports, our staff of experts can reach into our database of over 5,000 sports stars who are available to book as motivational speakers, keynote speakers, celebrity spokespeople, endorsers, for PR or media awareness campaigns, etc.  At Sports Speakers Bureau we find that small businesses are the fastest growing segment of our business.  Emerging new technologies, companies that have achieved success are looking for information on finding a celebrity spokesperson.  When companies and their agencies go to Google, Bing, Yahoo or others to find a sports celebrity, so many of the speakers bureaus that show up are untrustworthy and will not provide true fees for the talent.  At Sports Speakers Bureau we are 100% transparent about fees including our own!  Whether you are looking to hire or find a booking agent for:

  • A Hall of Fame athlete from MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS, Olympics or others.
  • Retired professional athlete.
  • An MVP or All-Star from that league.
  • An Athlete with a health condition.
  • Sports star with a specific geographic association.
  • Sports speaker with a message that aligns with your organizations.

Sports Speakers Bureau is an easy entry point for any company with a budget to find the best sports star to be the focal point of any program!  It is our goal to be your corporate consultant on securing your favorite sports star. If you are looking for a booking agent to hire a sports speaker contact us today through our contact form, by email: info@sports-speakers-bureau.com, or call us at 888-257-6807.