PR Campaigns

Sports Speakers Bureau and its executives have over 30 years of business experience working with many of the top PR agencies in the world constructing public awareness campaigns utilizing celebrity sports speakers and spokespeople. The list of who we have worked with is long including: Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, Bruce Jenner, Danica Patrick, Carl Edwards, Cal Ripken, Michael Strahan, Dara Torres, Walt Frazier, Greg Louganis, Bill Walton and many others.

Both companies and PR agencies find working with Sports Speakers Bureau an effortless integration of our account based system using a “team” into their own. In many ways Sports Speakers Bureau mirrors a PR agency in structure but not services. Our goal is not creating impressions and aggregating how many, we are assisting in helping clients find, hire and contact sports legends, Hall of Famers, All-stars, emerging greats and former icons of the sports world across all sports from the Olympics, World Cup, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL, Iron man, UFC, Boxing, Cycling, etc. Executing a strategic PR campaign means finding a sports celebrity that has an authentic association, like or utilization of a product and/or service. With a database of over 1,000 Celebrity talent agents, managers and lawyers that represent over 10,000 athletes, we have fees, health histories and product likes on our CRM to assist in quick and effective searches.

Sports Speakers Bureau’s expertise is in finding the perfect sports legend to be the face of this delicate execution. The athlete must be relevant, well-spoken and have a true passion for delivering a message that is co-crafted with the PR team from the client. When Sports Speakers Bureau is hired to execute a talent search to execute a PR campaign, we go beyond the obvious. We do a deep dive into the category and current environment, we check background, and we ask tough questions of the sports star and their representation. Our reputation is everything to us, so as a corporate consulting agency we are focused on helping you book the perfect sports star for your PR campaign.

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