Motivational Inspirational Speakers

motivational-speakersMany companies, events and brands utilize Sports Speakers Bureau to secure some of the most known and beloved inspirational speakers of all time.  Whether it is a Hall of Famer such as John Elway, Magic Johnson, or Cal Ripken giving a motivational speech to a major corporation about overcoming obstacles or All-stars such as Sidney Crosby, Derek Jeter, or Dwayne Wade talking about being a champion within, Sports Speakers Bureau is an agency focused on finding the perfect motivational inspirational speakers at the right price!

Many of Sports Speakers Bureau’s clients are interested in finding the best sports speaker under $10,000 or possibly hire or book a sports motivational speaker who will wow the crowd and bring the top CEO’s to their feet for over $100,000.  We are focused on providing each client with a customized search team to help locate the right sports speaker for the right price who is available on the day of your event. Sports Speakers Bureau is also an agency that is very in tune with the “editorial” calendar of sporting events.  So if it’s Spring, you have the Masters in Augusta, Georgia. What famous PGA legend do you want at your hospitality event? Jack Nickalus, Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman or Ben Crenshaw? Or it’s the Olympics in Rio 2016 and your organization has a sales rally planned for the top 1%ers in your company maybe we secure Olympic icons Carl Lewis, Mark Spitz or Gabby Douglas?  The World Cup of Soccer happens every 4 years and your HR department wants to bring in Pele, Tim Howard or Landon Donavan, we can help!

Working with your group on making sure the sports motivational speaker understands your corporate culture, will customize their message to match the theme of the event or conference and establish a level of communication to the athlete about their responsibilities at the event including photos and autographs is paramount. No detail is too small, no request is unheard.  Our team of corporate consultants, account managers, logistics experts and event managers will provide you as a Sports Speakers Bureau client the confidence that your event will be unique and the sports motivational speaker will provide a speech that attendees will remember for years to come!

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