Who Will Win the World Cup of Marketing?

hire-a-sports-speakerForget KimYe, the world is now on World Cup time as the best of the best in the soccer sphere face off in the most widely viewed sporting event in the world. Once every 4 years, the most elite soccer players from around the globe are given their shot at glory but they’re not the only ones who are making earnest attempts to capture the world’s attention in the coming weeks. Businesses from many different industries are given the opportunity to put their products on center stage and often hire a sports speaker from either side of the pitch to endorse their products. These ads run both leading up to and throughout the games and allow for a business to market on a global scale. A study indicated that over a billion people tuned in to catch the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final game alone and most games will surpass even the Olympics in viewers. Historic and hallowed events such as these give companies a large global audience to bring attention to their brand for a few very intense weeks.

Many successful World Cup ad campaigns embrace the swelling feelings of pride in one’s country that sweep the nation during these few short weeks and the alignment of one’s brand behind the country’s patriotism automatically gives the whole campaign an added level of excitement. At the forefront of American athletes in major marketing campaigns is Clint Dempsey, the current Seattle Sounder and U.S. national team captain who recently signed on as the newest brand ambassador for the Seattle-based beef jerky company Oberto. He is backed by a number of other companies including EA Sports and Jorg Gray watches. Some of today’s top international soccer stars such as Lionel Messi, Robin van Persie and Sergio Ramos have been kicking it on our TV screens leading up to the games and have teamed up with several other players to create an interactive PepsiMAX ad that aired in 100 countries around the world. Other companies are playing around with interactive ads as well but of course Nike went for the gusto with an awesome 5-minute, story-like animated ad that boasts their top World Cup stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Other dominant companies like Adidas, McDonalds, Powerade and Coca-Cola have jumped on the World Cup bandwagon as well, creating commercials and ads centered around this athletic extravaganza and feeding off of World Cup consumers.

Even post retirement, pro athletes are not only recognizable, but also extremely prominent due to their involvement in foundations, interesting experiences, and unique stories that make them prime motivational sports speakers. Leading examples are Michelle Kwan, most decorated Olympic figure skater in U.S. history, and Dominique Dawes, 3-time Olympic gymnast, who are working with the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition to educate and empower Americans to lead a healthier and more physically active lifestyle. They join a long list of retired athletes who have dedicated their lives to traveling the world as zealous motivational speakers to promote health, fitness, leadership and teamwork. Legendary soccer player Pele has also solidified his continued to lead post retirement, not only as a sports speaker, but also through endorsement deals, recently becoming the first ever global ambassador for Golazo, an energy sports drink meaning “super goal.” Pele is also appearing in a number of print and TV ad campaigns for Subway and he is the perfect spokesperson for the brand given the timing of soccer’s biggest event.

Whether it’s the Olympics or the World Cup, these long-awaited global spectacles are not only a chance to showcase the athletic prowess of some of the top athletes in the world, but they are every company’s chance for an all out blitz of advertising utilizing the personal branding power that some of today’s top sports speakers possess.

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