The cornerstone of the sports industry is athletes endorsing products.  From Michael Jordan and NIKE, Peyton Manning and Gatorade, Dale Earnhardt, Jr and Mt. Dew the industry is flush with deals.  Almost every day you read in Forbes, The Huffington Post, USA Today or Sports Business Journal about another athlete being hired by some corporation to be the face of their national or global campaign.  Companies are spending millions of dollars on celebrity sports endorsements on an annual basis.  Kids are influenced by their favorite athletes as are their parents.  Most Fortune 100 companies have utilized athletes in some capacity.  P&G an Olympic sponsor has used many including Lindsay Vonn, Kerri Walsh and Natalie Coughlin.

Coca-Cola has utilized Mark Spitz, Pele, David Boudia and others as an Olympic sponsor.   McDonalds has utilized LebRon James, Johnny Manziel and Alex Morgan.   The apparel companies such as NIKE (Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and CC Sabathia), Adidas (RGIII), Under Armour (Bryce Harper, Sloane Stevens and Phil Dalhausser), Reebok (trainers and fitness experts) and others have billions tied into athlete and team endorsements.   Sports stars sell product!  That is a fact and it’s indisputable.  What is not guaranteed is which athlete will actually move the sales needle and why.  That’s why Sports Speakers Bureau is more than just a booking agency.  It is a consulting firm steeped in practices taught from some of the biggest companies in the world.  The analyst that Sports Speakers Bureau undertakes on behalf of its clients to hire, book, or secure a sports celebrity as a spokesperson is exhaustive.  We go backwards to go forwards.  Sports Speakers Bureau investigates each Company’s history of executing programs with a sports star or celebrity and the success or failure of that program.  Additionally, Sports speakers bureau looks at the current environment of the industry and your competitors.

Ultimately, Sports Speakers Bureau does a cost evaluation of the sports star broken into individual assets, i.e. appearance days, utilizations, category exclusivity and Term.   Once a value proposition is completed for each sports star, it will become very obvious to our clients where and who is the true value.  Sports Speakers Bureau has the most detailed analyst of sports stars evaluations in the business.

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