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Why You Should Hire Athletes For Endorsements In 2017

Should your company or organization hire athletes for endorsements and marketing campaigns in 2017? The answer is absolutely YES! This week, AOL business released a curated list of the highest earning athletes in terms of endorsements in 2016 (click here to view full list). The list contained the usual suspects such as Lebron James, Peyton Manning, […]

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Hire Athletes For Endorsements – Sports Speakers Bureau

Here at Sports Speakers Bureau it’s easy to understand why brands hire athletes for endorsements. Today’s sports heroes serve as inspirational role models to individuals all over the world. They transcend geographical areas, social status, race, and other labels to become these larger-than-life personalities who have the power to influence their fans in ways that traditional […]

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Brands Strike Gold With USWNT Athlete Endorsement Deals

VISA, Nationwide & Degree are just a few of the brands who struck marketing gold, signing athlete endorsement deals with USWNT heroes prior to the big win! “Anything you can do I can do better; I can do anything better than you!” You probably sang that line in your head just now, didn’t you? If […]

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BODYARMOR SuperDrink: A Case Study

BODYARMOR has taken the sports drink industry by storm with help from key athlete endorsements. You’re dripping sweat; exhausted. The game’s on the line and water just isn’t cuttin’ it. What are you reaching for? More importantly, what have you been told to reach for? Chances are it’s a Gatorade. Maybe a Powerade – but […]

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Is Serena Williams the Greatest Female Athlete of All-Time?

Tennis great Serena Williams caps the Australian Open with her 19th major title after victory over Maria Sharapova! Her triumphs on the court and a career full of athlete endorsement deals help make her one of the most iconic women in sports today. It’s not the number of major championships Serena has won, Steffi Graf […]

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Derek Jeter and the Endorsement Field of Dreams

Derek Jeter’s playing career may be over but he’s fielding a host of new opportunities as a celebrity spokesperson and motivational speaker. As summer fades into autumn professional baseball is entering into the home stretch. Teams are jockeying for position in both leagues for a chance to compete for the pennant and ultimately, the World […]

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Today’s Top Sports Speakers Extend Personal Brands Off the Field

Once the final buzzer sounds and superstar athletes head to the locker room after the game, their official job is over. However, today’s top professionals have more than transcended simply the sports sphere; they are full-blown celebrities, as famous for their personalities, fashion choices, and lifestyles as any famous figure on a movie screen. We […]

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Sports Endorsement Deals

Taking Calculated Risks in the High Stakes world of Endorsement Deals How will you know if a marketing campaign will be successful? To be honest that’s quite an unanswerable question to some degree. However, some of the best campaigns aren’t necessarily the most glaringly obvious alignments but rather the ones that have been carefully calculated […]

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Yesterday’s Sports Stars, Today’s Sports Businessmen!

Timing is proving to truly be everything for Ranzy Jewelers and luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Breitling, as they recently spent an evening celebrating the newest collection of Breitling watches with legendary athlete and long time supporter of the brand, Wayne Gretzky, just in time for the NHL playoffs. Gretzky is among a long list of […]

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What a True Celebrity Endorsement Looks Like

Back in the beginning of May, football player Richard Sherman walked on stage to sign his extension with the Seattle Seahawks. In his hand was a bottle of the sports drink BODYARMOR, which was unusual since he had no endorsement ties with the company at the time. Fast forward to this week, and the cornerback […]

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