Case Study:

Dara Torres joins Kohl’s Sport of Shopping Campaign

Dara Torres joins iconic female athletes Mia Hamm and Lindsey Vonn in Kohl’s Sport of Shopping Campaign


Kohl’s Department Stores, Ticker symbol: KSS, NY Stock Exchange and 12-Time Olympic Champion Dara Torres Link Up for TV advertising and social media campaign.

Who is Dara Torres:

US Olympic female athlete with the most medals at 12 in the sport of swimming over a 20+ year career.

Company request:

Find an empowered female athlete, who was a mom, has great presence on the screen, relate to Kohl’s core shopper (W 25-45 year old mom), lived in a city that had a Kohl’s and understood competition. The candidate would join all-time greats Lindsey Vonn and Mia Hamm in the campaign. All women are Olympic gold medalist and embody the credibility and class Kohl’s wanted to associate with in this national TV campaign.
Kohl’s is celebrating the “Sport of shopping” with a campaign titled, Shop to Win which will follow the three sports legends as they experience Kohl’s fashion offerings. This is the first time Kohl’s utilized athletes in its marketing efforts. Julie Gardner, Kohl’s Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer said, “The campaign depicts shopping as a sport and captures the emotion felt when women search for and find great deals for themselves and their families. We are confident this will resonate with women who are seeking great style at a great value”.
In the campaign, Dara Torres, Mia Hamm and Lindsay Vonn liken their experiences to shopping at Kohl’s to their sport utilizing terms such as: “your heart is pounding”, “your pulse is racing” “it’s a real adrenaline rush” and the closing line “when I’m out there, I am totally in the zone”. This tongue in cheek campaign highlights the excitement women feel associated with their Kohl’s experience.


Just under high six figures for all of the star athletes.