Case Study:

Anastasia Ashley and Inergetics


Publicly traded Pharmaceutical company, Inergetics undertook a national search for a spokesperson that connected with their core consumer women 20-45 years old, understood what it meant to be “bikini ready” and had an authentic life experience about weight gain and loss.


Inergetics’ marketing team undertook an exhaustive search for their spokesperson across multiple platforms including: sports, entertainment, lifestyle experts, fitness stars, etc.


To find a celebrity that was not only relevant but also had a strong social media platform and some significant opportunities ahead of them for the Bikini-Ready brand could leverage in PR, advertising and marketing.


Inergetics contacted Sports Speakers Bureau, a division of CTMG to assist in a national search to help them book or hire a spokesperson that stood out in a very cluttered market-place of supplements, weight-loss and health maintenance.


A senior management staff was assembled to spearhead the search for Inergetic’s Bikini-Ready spokesperson for 2013/2014. The team built the following strategy plan:

  • Create an exhaustive search of Bikini-Ready’s top 5 competitors, query if they have spokespeople and who are they, what was the activation with the spokesperson?
  • Devise an activation for Bikini-Ready’s spokesperson including: retail and on-line distribution, PR strategies, marketing and advertising plans, social media requirements, etc.
  • Assess what reality TV stars, fitness experts, athletes and random highly visible women 25-32 years old would be a good fit. Sports Speakers Bureau submitted a list of its top 5 suggestions. After considerable vetting and investigation of all 5, Inergetics decided on surf star, Anastasia Ashley.
  • Anastasia was hired to be the Bikini-Ready spokesperson for many reasons including:
    • Lived the lifestyle that the brand team wanted to portray.
    • Anastasia has very strong social media numbers plus several YouTube videos with over 5 million views.
    • Anastasia produced several fitness videos that she posted on-line garnering hundreds of thousands of views.
    • Anastasia had experienced periods of weight-loss and utilized many products on the market with varying levels of success.
    • Anastasia was picked as one of the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models giving Bikini-Ready one of the largest international platforms to show how well the product worked for Anastasia.
    • Anastasia has an inspirational story that she is very comfortable sharing with women about overcoming obstacles and working hard which fit into the brand identification.
    • Anastasia would have the Bikini-Ready logo on her surf board in all competitions and photo shoots.
  • Sports Speakers Bureau negotiated Anastasia’s deal coming in within budget.

The one year relationship resulted in increased retail and on-line distribution, achieving sales above projections and PR placements in media/magazines such as OK! Touch, Life & Style, and Fox.