It Has Never Been Easier To Book An Athlete!

Sports Speakers Bureau is ready to help businesses win the day and book an athlete for motivational speeches, fundraisers and celebrity marketing campaigns.

Book an Athlete

Here at Sports Speakers Bureau we have the best job in the entertainment biz! We too are sports fans at heart and every day we help businesses and corporations connect with the biggest sports stars in the world. Think of us as the talent booking industry’s Cliff Paul without the glasses and argyle sweater. We assist your business in hiring pro athletes for keynote speeches, corporate entertainment and endorsement deals among other personal appearances.

Out of the many brands and businesses that contact us each week, most are interested in hiring a sports speaker for a corporate conference, internal company function or other motivational speaking opportunity. As you can imagine, active athletes have a hard time scheduling celebrity appearances in season but it can be worked out. However, former sports legends such as the likes of Mike Ditka, Shaquille O’Neal and Darrell Waltrip revel in the opportunity to share their stories with audiences as motivational speakers.

Before we can approach an athlete on your behalf, there is some crucial information we need to find out that will help us determine the right keynote speaker for your event.

  • Most importantly you must set a date for the event from the start. Athletes operate on a tight schedule and can’t accurately predict “any date that works for them.”
  • Another key factor for us in determining the caliber of sports star you can afford is providing us with an accurate budget allotted for talent.
  • Lastly, we need to know the full scope of work. Every little detail helps! Athletes want to know what they’re getting themselves into and don’t want to be surprised with additional work later on in the process.

The game plan is very similar if you are looking to utilize a current or former sports star as a celebrity spokesperson to help boost sales and increase brand awareness.

  • Athletes and their reps need to know how many service days are involved upfront i.e. 1 day to shoot promotional photos/video, 1 additional day for media engagements.
  • Category exclusively reigns supreme. When athletes are getting bombarded with endorsement opportunities, they need to know which deals are going to put them off limits to other products and potential deals in the same market.
  • The length of usage for all created materials has to be determined upfront. Athletes may agree to certain add-ons later for additional compensation but in the same right as category exclusivity, usage rights are binding for athletes.

This by no means is all it takes to book an athlete, but that’s where we come in. Sports Speakers Bureau has a team of researchers ready to create a list of potential speakers tailored to your unique needs and budget constraints. Our experienced sales staff will reach out to agents on your behalf and help your team determine the right sports star for the opportunity. From executing the contracts to handling logistics, we are your sixth man ready to come alongside and make your event/marketing campaign the ultimate success! Contact us today at (212)410-4243 or