BODYARMOR SuperDrink: A Case Study

BODYARMOR has taken the sports drink industry by storm with help from key athlete endorsements.

You’re dripping sweat; exhausted. The game’s on the line and water just isn’t cuttin’ it. What are you reaching for? More importantly, what have you been told to reach for? Chances are it’s a Gatorade. Maybe a Powerade – but not for long. There’s a new game in town.

Don’t be surprised when every athlete is reaching for today’s hottest new sports drink: BODYARMOR SuperDrink. Sports have evolved and so has the way athletes refuel and replenish their bodies. In 2011, the co-founder of VitaminWater and the creator of FUZE Beverage went to work creating a sports drink designed for the athlete of the future.

Gatorade and Powerade have long since been known as the goliaths of the sports drink industry. Both have strategically crafted their brands into globally recognized entities feared by the little guys eager to quench the thirst of the consumer. So how did BODYARMOR find a way to combat these seemingly unstoppable brands?

For starters, BODYARMOR offers 7 different flavors of their SuperDrink that contain 2½ times the electrolytes, less sodium and more potassium than other sports drinks on the market. When it came time to market their product, the game plan was to assemble an all-star roster of influential brand ambassadors to join the team. The kicker here was that they solely targeted up-and-coming athletes; the superstars of tomorrow and not veteran players. Sure Gatorade has MJ, but he doesn’t play anymore. BODYARMOR focused their celebrity marketing efforts on sports stars who were just starting to build their reputations as elite athletes.

As we now know, the payoff was a home run. BODYARMOR’s first major athlete endorsements came in 2012 with baseball phenom Mike Trout and the Patriots electrifying tight end Rob Gronkowski. Both players have become colossal sports stars and catalysts for the growth of BODYARMOR in the eyes of the public. NFL quarterback Andrew Luck signed an endorsement deal with Gatorade straight out of college. Surely it seemed like the right play at the time until he realized BODYARMOR SuperDrink had become a staple in his daily routine. Next thing you know he had dropped the biggest sports drink company on the planet to endorse BODYARMOR in 2013.

The self-proclaimed best cornerback in the league Richard Sherman had a similar story. Sherman was fresh off a Super Bowl victory and ready to sign his new contract extension with the Seahawks when he walked into the press conference holding his favorite flavor of BODYARMOR SuperDrink. 3 weeks later he had signed on as an official brand ambassador. Boom. Brand authenticity at its finest. BODYARMOR had started to field unofficial endorsements from huge sports stars who had taken a liking to their SuperDrink without the promise of endorsement dollars or free product.

In 2014, a major assist came from one of the most revered NBA players of all time, Kobe Bryant. Kobe fell in love with the brand and its mission. He had just started his own company and was looking to invest. His first joint venture? Gearing up for battle with BODYARMOR. Kobe jumped at the opportunity to shake up the sports drink game, just as he had with the NBA many years ago when he was drafted out of high school in 1996.

Now BODYARMOR boasts a robust roster of popular brand ambassadors that includes basketball stars James Harden, Kevin Love, Klay Thompson and Skylar Diggins in addition to USWNT star Sydney Leroux. What sealed the deal for many of these athletes was that BODYARMOR was willing to offer them a stake in the company. This level of commitment to their brand ambassadors not only made the athletes feel like a more valued member of the team but it also created a joint interest for them to grow the brand and its message. A bunch of high-powered, influential sports stars with a driven incentive to grow the brand. Now that’s how you build an unstoppable brand culture!

BODYARMOR is projecting estimated earnings of $100 million in revenue in 2015. An astounding 210% increase from the previous year in which they reported a double in sales. This is the power of perfectly executed athlete endorsements at work. It took courage to put their brand story in the hands of unproven stars but the risk was more than worth the reward. BODYARMOR is storming the court, the field, and now our homes. Superior hydration for athletes at every level has a new name, BODYARMOR SuperDrink.

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