About Us

Famous sports stars have been at the centerpiece of marketing and advertising campaigns since the beginning of modern communications began. Back in the days when local newspapers and radios were the only vehicles to deliver a company, brand or service’s message to consumers with a pre-disposition to buy something. Most companies big and small have minimal to no exposure on how to vet, negotiate and utilize a sports star to create maximum ROI. In the same right, many companies have no idea on how to go about booking a sports speaker for a corporate conference, fundraiser, or any type of personal appearance by a current or former sports star.

Sports Speakers Bureau, a division of CTMG, is the leading online search and acquisition agency for current and former sports speakers around the world. Sports Speakers Bureau offers its clients a unique opportunity to have a team of industry experts that can assist in:

  • Booking a motivational sports speaker for your conference, fundraiser, event, etc.
  • Corporate consulting for clients looking to utilize or hire a famous sports speaker for marketing campaigns
  • Vetting famous sports stars
  • Negotiating terms to meet budgetary expectations
  • Generating an acceptable ROI with a program utilizing a sports star
  • Discerning between star athletes in different sports and coming to a definitive decision on who makes the most sense for the client’s campaign
  • Assisting current in-house or external agencies with the athlete activation process

These are just a few of the executions that the Sports Speakers Bureau team can provide its clients. Sports Speakers Bureau fully embraces the “team” concept to come alongside your business and act as reliable teammate you can lean on to get the job done. We assign each of our clients a primary contact with help from a senior level executive, account manager, logistics expert, business manager and support staff including one or more researchers to find the perfect sports star for you when you are searching to hire/book a sports celebrity for your next:

  • Corporate Conference
  • Trade Show Appearance
  • Sales Meeting
  • Motivational Speech
  • Keynote Address
  • Personal Appearance
  • University or College Speaking Tour
  • Endorsement
  • PR Campaign
  • Public awareness program
  • Social Media Marketing Plan
  • TV/Print/Radio Ad Campaign
  • Sports Celebrity Spokesperson
  • Licensing Program
  • Product Launch

Sports Speakers Bureau is the premier agency for small, medium and large companies with a need to find the right sports star. Sports Speakers Bureau has booked sports stars and famous athletes for programs/events associated with:

  • Olympics and Olympic Trials
  • Super Bowl
  • World Cup
  • World Series
  • NBA Championship
  • Daytona 500
  • Long Beach Grand Prix
  • AVP Tour
  • MLS Cup
  • Marathon/Triathlons
  • US Open, Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open
  • Aspire Events
  • MMA and Boxing
  • PGA Tour Major Tournaments

For more information on how to hire a sports speaker or brand ambassador, please contact info@sports-speakers-bureau.com or call (212)410-4243 to schedule a conversation with a Sports Speakers Bureau team member.